Brisbane Personal Branding Photographer | What is a Social Media Shoot?


In todays day and age, if you own a business it is a necessity to have a website and a social media presence. In order to put your best foot forward and market your business successfully on these platforms you need to be producing constant content that you can educate, entertain, entice and engage with your customers online. It is all about developing relationships and adding value to your customers lives.

So how do you do this? One of the ways you can market your business both on your website and social media channels is via photographs. A Personal Branding Social Media Shoot is a great opportunity to collaborate with us to produce a collection of photographs that tell your business story.


So that all sounds good, but what exactly are the types of photographs that you take for a social media shoot? Here are a few ideas of what makes up a social media shoot:

  • Headshots – of you and your staff (if you have them)
  • Team Shots – group shots of your whole team, business partners etc
  • Location of Business – showcasing your physical business location if you have one
  • Product Shots – do you sell products, what are they, how could we show what they do
  • Layflats – showing your product in an interesting way
  • Action Images – do you provide a service, how do we show this
  • What services you offer (what you do) and how it makes people feel
  • Textures – do you need abstract photos or interesting textures that you could use as backgrounds to quotes for Facebook or Instagram


A social media shoot can contain any or all of the above. It really just depends on what you want to show and how long you want the shoot to last for. In the past I have also done more conceptual shoots for Personal Branding as well. For example a little while ago I collaborated with All for Mary at the rebranding of their hairdressing salon. They wanted to create a collection of beautiful, real images that represented the every day client that came into their salon. They wanted a collection of photographs with realistic hairstyles to use in all of their marketing not the overly stylised unrealistic photos you normally see in hairdressing salons.

So if you are a small business or even a sole trader who wants to put their best foot forward, stand out from the crowd, showcase their business story and create awesome relationships with their clients, then you should book in for a Personal Branding Social Media Shoot! It is definitely worth the investment!


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