Brisbane Personal Branding Photographer | What is Personal Branding??

Personal Branding.. doesn’t have to be all boring, stiff poses… Personal Branding photographs can be about you, your hobbies, your interests, your business, your character… How ever you want to be represented online. This is the lovely Joanne. This shoot was for a project I was working on with the lovely team at All for Mary. They choose 12 people to be photographed over the course of the year and it was my job to bring out their character and capture who they are in a gorgeous series of photographs. For Joanne, we captured a series of just candid photographs and then we incorporated in her favourite red kitchen beater… the reason for the inclusion.. Joanne is known for her hobby of baking… It was so amazing to see her transform from a quite gentle soul into a fun, playful kitchen whizz in front of my camera. And as I was looking through images to post for this Personal Branding series, I thought, how perfect are these photographs for a personal branding session. They truly represent Jo and her love of baking and not taking like to serious. These are the kind of personal branding sessions, I want to do.


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