Brisbane Personal Branding Photographer | What is Personal Branding??

Personal Branding photographs don’t have to be boring… they can be what ever you want them to be – fun, playful, serious, creative!! The opportunities are endless. Initially when I was describing what Personal Branding photo sessions are I found it really hard to describe as there are so many variations – so many different type of people, so many different types of businesses and so many different reasons for wanting to do a shoot.

So today I wanted to share a photograph of the lovely Annette. This was part of our Celebrity Next Door project, but again I think this shot is perfect for who she is and what she represents. You see Annette is a fun, playful, science teacher. So we utilised my blackboard in the studio, created a custom background full of science stuff and added a handful of her tools that she uses in day to day life. I absolutely love how much personality and fun she brought to the shoot! The perfect example of what a personal branding session should be – fun, stress free and captures personality!!!

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