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Today I wanted to share a new blog mini series called.. “What is Personal Branding??”

Personal Branding photography is new concept here at NBP, but when putting all of the information together, I realised I had been doing many of these shoots over the past 10 years without even realising it. So I thought each Wednesday I will pick one, or a series of images that I would consider to be personal branding and chat more about the photo and the story behind it.

The first image, is the photograph of Bethany. Bethany is the owner of All for Mary hairdressing salon and this image is from when I very first met her. We were playing around in the studio and decided to head outdoors and just play. I absolutely love this photo of Beth. I think it sums her up perfectly – crazy hair blowing in the wind, a gorgeous smile and a fierce pose that symbolises her mission to passionately change the hair and beauty industry one hair experience at a time and a sense of owning the moment.

So I think this is a great photo to start off with. I love that Personal Branding sessions don’t just have to be the traditional on the white or on the black background corporate look. A personal branding photograph should sum your personality up in one photograph and leave an impression on the viewer.

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