Brisbane Personal Branding Photographer | Why you should hire a professional photographer for your headshots

As a photographer I absolutely love photographing Personal Branding Sessions, especially head shot mini sessions. I love getting to know my clients – their story, their reasons behind wanting to update their personal brand and I love working with them to develop their own personality for the shoot. I love the diversity that a head shot mini session can bring. From formal CEO head shots to relaxed creative head shots, using a professional photographer will always make you stand out from the crowd.


So today, I wanted to share a few of my top reasons on why I think you should hire a professional photographer rather than just taking a selfie. Here they are:

  • Hiring a professional photographer shows that you care about the details and how you appear to others. It shows that you are willing to invest in yourself, you take yourself and your career seriously.
  • Having professional head shots creates a great first impression. It builds trust, inspires confidence and makes you feel approachable. A good head shot can say I want to get to know her, she looks nice.
  • It also helps you to look the part. If you want to be treated like a professional, you must look like a professional especially online. Your website or social media generally is the first contact that most people have with you. Are you making a positive impression?
  • And lastly in the sea of selfies and mediocre, having a collection of beautiful head shots that showcase your personality, your professionalism and sometimes what you do makes you stand out from the crowd.

So you can see that there are so many reasons to hire a professional photographer to capture your head shots. They don’t have to be boring or stuff, they can be warm, relaxed and even playful depending on your career. So why not invest in yourself and your future today. If you are interested in our Personal Branding sessions then get in touch!

We love chatting about Personal Branding sessions and how we can capture your story. Plus we love answering any questions or concerns you might have!


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