Brisbane Personal Branding Photography | VIP Disco Kids

A couple of weeks ago, GD and I worked together with David from VIP Disco Kids to create a promotional video and some behind the scenes photographs. We met David at the What’s On 4 Conference back in June and we got chatting about Personal Branding. David said he was having a hard time getting people to understand what his Disco Boxes were and how they could be used. So we decided that a combination of both photographs and video would be the perfect way to capture the two different Disco Boxes he offers.

So we partied up in the studio, invited a handful of kids, gave them lots of sugar and let them go nuts! There was smoke, balloons, lights, bubbles and lots of singing! The kids LOVE it!! And we had a pretty awesome time too!

So here are a few little behind the scenes photos from the day and a little sneaky peek of the kids who helped us out by Disco-ing it up!! Thanks guys!!


Greg doing his thing! I can’t wait to show you the videos!! Looks so awesome!!


As part of the shoot all of the kids who participated had some gorgeous photos taken! Here are a few little photos from their mini session!


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