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So what exactly is Personal Branding? Personal Branding is marketing you – the person behind the brand/business. It is getting out from behind your logo and showing the world who you are. It is a proven fact that people buy from people they like and in today’s online world, stepping out from behind your brand has never been so important! Especially when most people look you up online before they meet you in person.

personal branding photographer relaxed headshots

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room” – Jeff Bezos

If this is true, what are people saying about you? When you jump onto your business website, do you have beautiful photographs and a beautiful website that introduces you and your team to your audience? Do you have beautiful photographs that match your brand personality? Do your photographs showcase what your business does and the problems it solves for your customers? If the answer is no to any of these questions, then it is time to book a Personal Branding shoot!

My top reasons for hiring a professional photographer to capture beautiful Personal Branding photographs:

  • Professional photographs will take your business to the next level – they will build trust with your customers and attract the perfect tribe that understands your vibe,
  • Personal Branding photographs do not need to be stuffy, awkward or overly posed. They can be relaxed, creative, gorgeous, contemporary and creative! You want to be proud of your photographs and show everyone!
  • Your photographs can show what your business does and what it feels like to work with you – how you solve their unique problems.
  • Professional photographs can build your personal connections and can create better relationships with your customers online – remember people buy from people they like!
  • You can earn more money – if you have professional photographs it increases your perceived value and this combined with your website and product/service is of a high quality, people are more like to spend higher amounts with you.

So you have decided that yes, you want to do a Personal Branding session.. now what? Where do I put the photos?? Well the best place to start is your About Me/Us page. People want to know who you are and your why. A great set of professional photographs will connect with your viewers. As for the other photographs, they can go anywhere – your website, your social media, your bog and even your print collateral! Get your photographs out and seen! You will get noticed with gorgeous professional photographs.

For more information about our Personal Branding Photography sessions, click here.

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