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Nicole | NBP Musings | Brisbane | 5th August 2013

Every Monday in the lead up to my Machu Picchu trek, I thought I would blog about my journey in the lead up, and of course the journey of the trek and after its completion. Last week I blogged about the fear of failure. I am so glad that I wrote that blog post. A couple of days later, I was having a conversation with one of my amazing friends at the gym, talking about that post and the fear of failure, and I realised that after I blogged about it, that I wasn’t as overwhelming, as I originally thought it was. It was like I had put it all out there and that now I could just get on with it. It was kind of like a bit of therapy for me – getting it off my chest.  Sure I am still fearful, but it doesn’t feel as crushing as it used to.

This morning, while trekking up Mt Cootha again, the topic of todays blog post started to emerge. Beth and I were talking about Asking for What You Want in Life and it got me thinking. As a person who is incredibly determined to succeed at whatever I set my mind to, I find it very difficult in some aspects of my life to ask for what I want… actually I’ll rephrase that… I find it very difficult to ask for help. Does anyone have the same problem? I’m not sure if its just a girl thing, or part of my personality but I truly find it a great challenge to ask for help… even when I need it the most.

One of the many reasons I had for signing up on this crazy adventure, is to get me outside of my comfort zone. I know that I struggle with asking people for help, or for what I need, so to have to raise $8000 and ask for people’s support is something that doesn’t come naturally for me. I finding though, that creating a strategy, pitching to corporations and trying to have the attitude of you don’t know until you ask is slowing getting me over this challenge. Even though I am raising money for charity, I still find it extremely hard to ask for everyone’s help. So I am putting on my big girls panties (thanks Alli & Genine) and just getting out there and having no fear. Funnily enough this past week has been a lot easier since I have curbed my fear of failure.

Here is the first part of my asking for help. Can you please help me to raise money for Youngcare. Even just $10 will help change the lives of many young Australian’s who don’t have the opportunity to experience many of the things you do in your life. Imagine if one day your whole life changed and you couldn’t care for yourself. What would you do? How more important would helping out become?

Plus for everyone who donates $500 or more, I am giving a photography voucher with me and 10 digital photographs worth $800. And as I am feeling generous this morning, I will give a voucher for a portrait session (worth $150) to anyone who makes a donation, big or small.

Here is the link to donate:

So happy Monday everyone!! I hope you have a fantastic week!! And again, it’s not an NBP post without some photos, so here are some of my latest instagram training photos!! Enjoy!

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