Brisbane Photographer | Machu Picchu… Why Should I Sponsor Nicole?

Nicole | Personal | Machu Picchu | 9th August 2013

On the 5th September, I will be conquering one of the most isolated tracks on the Inca Trail in Peru with altitude peaking at 4,000m. While I am conquering and pushing my own limits, the most important part of the challenge is to raise money and awareness for young people with high care needs.

Youngcare is an organisation that brings greater choice in care and housing for young people with high care needs. It has a history of adventure challenges to encourage people to get out of their comfort zone and experience some of the mental and physical challenges that could be compared to life in aged care.

The Youngcare Machu Picchu Inca Trail will be a significant and life changing challenge for not only for me, but for the young Australians that Youngcare is working so hard to exist.

By sponsoring me on this once in a lifetime challenge, you will be helping Youngcare to:

• Build more relevant and age appropriate housing
• Provide information and support to those in need via the Youngcare Connect hotline service
• Priovide grants to keep young people at home (with their loved ones) who are at a high risk of entering age care
• Undertake world first research to develop a better understanding of the issues, wants and needs of young Aussies who have 24/7 care needs.

So why did I choose to take on this challenge?

“As a teenager, I had the wonderful experience of caring for a young Australai with high care needs. Joanne was in her late thirites, who had both mental and physical disabilites that required a full time carer. Joanne’s Mum had no other option than to provide her with the full time support that she needed.

This meant that there was little or no time out for Joanne’s Mum. This is where I was able to help. One night a week I fed, cared for and put Joanne to bed, while giving her Mum some much needed time out for herself.

Initially I took this role on during my teenage years to earn some extra pocket money, but it also taught me to understand compassion, responsibility and tolerance, not something easily come by as a teenager. Caring for Joanne made me aware that not everyone has the same opportunities in life that I do and by giving a little bit of my time, meant so much to someone else.

When the opportunity arose to be part of the Youngcare Machu Picchu Trek 2013, I immediately jumped at the offer. My experience with Joanne has given me the appreciation and gratitude for my good fortune in life. I have a chance of giving back to make a difference in someone else’s life.”

So how can you help?

Head over to Nicole’s fundraising page to make a tax-deducatble donation and help a young person in need.

Nicole is also offering for anyone in the Brisbane area who donates $500 or more to Youngcare online via her fundraising page, will recieve a complimentary portrait session and 10 digital negatives valued at $800!


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