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Nicole | Personal | Out the Back | 23rd September 2010

Over the past few days here in the beautiful BrisVegas it has been raining. Raining at our house though means that the backyard turns into a swampy mess… you know the feeling when you walk through the grass and the water and the mud squishes between your toes. Well thats what we having. I am hoping for a little sunshine just to dry it out a little. I love the rain, but I hate the swamp our backyard turns into!

While I was out hanging the clothes on the line this morning, I looked down on the ground and saw an amazing amount of little brow mushrooms. I think the weather has bought them out of the ground. There was probably about 100 or so in this little patch, growing out of an old tree stump. Being the photographer that I am, I decided that I just had to grab my camera and take a few photos.

Mushrooms have always captured my imagination. I don’t know if it is from watching cartoons as a little one but I find there to be something so magical, like a little fairy is going to pop out from underneath the mushroom at any time. So I grabbed my camera and a towel (to lie on, it’s still very wet out there) and snapped away.. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see a magical mushroom fairy, but you never know, one might just pop out unexpectedly at any moment…

Happy Thursday!

Nicole xo

Live. Laugh. Love. Create.

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