Brisbane Portrait Photographer | 3 Reasons why you should do a Mother Daughter Shoot

Mother & Daughter

It’s a special bond that spans the years,
Through laughter, worry, smiles and tears,
A sense of trust that can’t be broken,
A depth of love sometimes unspoken,
A life long friendship built on sharing,
Hugs and kisses, warmth and caring,
Mother and Daughter their hearts as one,
A like that can never be undone.
– MothersQuotes.Com


There is such a special bond between a Mother Daughter and I absolutely LOVE photographing these sessions. So here are my top 3 reasons for doing a Mother Daughter photo shoot:

  1. Exist in Photographs – When was the last time that you had a beautiful portrait taken? Do your children have a beautiful photograph of their Mum? Their Grandmother? Do you have a beautiful collection showcasing your love, relationship and connection? I know that time is so precious and when our loved ones pass, the photographs are what we cherish to hold on to the memory of our loved one.
  2. The process is fun, easy and I will make you look incredible! A lot of women believe that they aren’t photogenic and freak out about the idea of being photographed. Don’t worry, I photograph many women throughout the year and I want to make the process, easy, fun and comfortable. I will help you plan for the session, guide you through posing to look your best and bring out your most beautiful self.
  3. It is so much FUN!!! I absolutely LOVE photographing Mother Daughter photo sessions as we always have so much fun. It is so nice to be girly, chat and banter and of course lots of giggles. A mother daughter photo shoot is much more than just a shoot, its a fun girly experience!

So there you go, my top 3 reasons for booking in a Mother Daughter portrait session!! And don’t forget, Mother’s Day is just around the corner in the beginning of May. If you would like some more information about our Mother Daughter portrait sessions, click [HERE] to contact us today.

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