Brisbane Portrait Photographer | Another Photo Walk Adventure

Nicole | Personal | Brisbane | 18th August 2014

This afternoon I had the pleasure of heading out again with the lovely Deb for one of our creative photo walks. We have made a promise to each other to do at least one a month even in busy wedding season to give ourselves a break from the craziness of business. Both of us today were a little tired and creatively burnt out, but we both made the effort to catch up, have a coffee and just wander around. We didn’t set ourselves a “topic” as such today to focus our walk on, rather just a walk and see what happens. It was good, I think we both needed to just be and absorb our surrounds. I found myself photographing very architecturally and I have a massive obsession with reflections at the moment. It was so good to just get outside, walk around, chat and shoot. I’m so glad I made the effort and while I was going through all of my photos I was already thinking about different ways I could implement these type of photographs into my upcoming weddings. Happy Monday!!


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