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Nicole & Beth | The Celebrity Next Door Project | Brisbane | 1st July 2014

Today has been a very exciting and slightly crazy in the world of NBP. Today together with Bethany from All for Mary, we launched a new project called “The Celebrity Next Door Project”. Bethany asked me a few months ago if I would like to be part of the project. I absolutely love the values and the message that Bethany has created under the All for Mary brand and is a perfect alignment with my studio manifesto. I believe that everyone should be celebrated, especially women as we are constantly bombarded with images selling sex and marketing campaigns that play on our insecurities. So we put our two heads together and created this amazing project.


Our vision is to see a society that understands and values the worth of each unique individual. A society who embraces and celebrates the perfectly imperfect.


We are on a mission to challenge the current marketing driven culture of our society, by showing them how to celebrate the lives of those living around them. One picture at a time we are presenting to the world the precious worth of the life next door. Each person is unique, each person has a story. Each person was created perfectly imperfect, and by celebrating that we celebrate LIFE.

Bethany is an amazing writer and has created an great post about the idea behind The Celebrity Next Door Project. Here is a link to her post.

Kellie – Our First Celebrity Next Door

A couple of weeks ago, we photographed our first Celebrity Next Door – Kellie. Kellie is a gorgeous woman both on the inside and out with striking red hair and a creative, playful personality to match! The gorgeous Chantelle from All for Mary created Kellie’s stunning curly blow-dry while Kara from Kara Lehmann Makeup Artist created Kellie’s gorgeous look. We wanted the hair and makeup to be an extension of their personalities and a way to express themselves how ever they wanted.  It was so much fun photographing her and bringing out her playfulness. As soon as Bethany told me a little bit about Kellie, an image popped straight into my mind – Kellie in a room surrounded by men in suits. This is how Bethany described Kellie –

“She is a woman that is hired to be creative, to work on a project for a specific length of time, to spread her passion amongst the people involved, get them excited, get results and then move on to the next thing that challenges her. A woman that is kicking butt in the business world; a woman surrounded by characters that are no doubt the opposite to her, but who require hers to bring their projects to life.”

So here is a collection of beautiful photographs from Kellie’s shoot.


For every Celebrity Next Door, I will be creating a series of 9 up photos showcasing their different personalities, I just love Kellie’s. It is so happy, fun and playful.



With Kellie’s awesome red hair, we just had to do some hair whipping shots!!



And here is a little Behind the Scenes video of the shoot. A big thank you to Kevin, Peter and Andrew for being our male suit accessories. You boys rocked!!


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