Brisbane Portrait Photographer | Family Photos: Managing Expectations

Today I wanted to share some of my top tips for smooth family photographs and managing expectations of your children and your photographer. Depending on what age your kids are, they are generally fairly unpredictable as to how they are going to act on the day of photographs. My first big piece of advice is…

Relax and go with the flow

There is no point getting cranky with your child or yelling at them during the shoot. Just relax, go with the flow, embrace the crazy and trust that the photographer knows what they are doing and are doing their best to capture you and your family as naturally as possible.

Kids will be kids, you can’t force them into creating perfect shots..

My second piece of advice is kids will be kids. Let them run around, let them have fun, let them pull faces… Sometimes you just need to embrace who they are at that moment and trust the 0.3 of a second it takes to get “that shot”…. just like the above photos of my niece and nephew.. It took us a few goes to get there, but we finally got a shot of them both looking at the camera. It may not be big cheesy grins but it is who they are as brother and sister at this point in time. Scarlett is protective of Zac and he is looking as though butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. Sometimes is the not so perfect shots that make the best ones!

Don’t get too crazy looking constantly at Pinterest…

Pinterest is great place for inspiration (especially for working out ideas for clothing and what to wear) but it can also be a downside. When you are looking at Pinterest you need to remember that each photo that you look at is from a different photographer, in a different part of the world, with different light and different people. We can certainly take inspiration from them for posing or concepts, but in the end, the photos will be uniquely yours as it is different photographer, location and people in the photo.

Trust your photographer

And finally, last but not least, trust your photographer. Embrace the crazy and trust they know what they are doing, support them when they ask you to do something, listen to their instructions and work with them. That way you will get the best results.

And remember to have fun!! If you relax and embrace the process and manage your expectations you will be blown away with the final results!

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