Brisbane Portrait Photographer | How portrait photography has changed over the years

One of my favourite things about being a photographer is the evolution and constant change of photography. Every day there is some new technology, new ways of doing things or new types of editing tools to allow you to capture beautiful portraits and express yourself creatively. One of the most exciting things I love as a digital photographer in this day and age is that the style of portrait photography has changed dramatically.

Long gone are the stiff, still, awkward looking straight at the camera photos to now, where it is all about beautiful moments, capturing movement and emotion. Not only documenting what you looked like, but how you felt in the moment. And to me this is the most exciting thing!

I think digital photography has really inspired this change. You are no longer restricted to the number of frames in a roll of film, now you can go nuts and capture many frames in one go. And sometimes its the moments in between shots that are the most beautiful ones to capture.

What’s your favourite type of photograph?

Personally I love the ones like above.. more of the lifestyle in between moments that really capture love and the relationships of the people I photograph. Of course it is always nice to have some where everyone is looking at the camera, but I feel like these ones represent how you felt at that very moment in time.

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