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When you book in for your portrait session, one of the things you need to think about is how you would like to display your photographs after the shoot. A lot of people don’t really think about this when they book their session – they just know they need to update their photos and will think about it later.

Today we wanted to share some of the gorgeous products that we offer here at Nicole Barralet Photography.

Canvas Wall Art

One of my favourite ways to display family portraits is hanging on the wall. A beautiful group of canvas prints is a gorgeous way to show off your photographs and show your children that they are loved, worthy and their gorgeous faces deserve to be seen hanging on the walls.

All of our beautiful canvas products are manufactured locally with high quality materials, archival inks and come with a 75 year guarantee!!

Wooden Wall Art

Our second gorgeous wall product is a new product to the studio, the Wooden Wall Circles. We are so in love with these gorgeous products! They come in a variety of sizes and are perfect to hang as a collection on your wall… or even on a stand on a book case.

Our supplier takes a beautiful photographic print and mounts it onto a raw 20mm dark-edge timber panel and then covered with a matte laminate to protect the print. We absolutely love the rustic nature of these prints and absolutely love them in a series of three!!

Imagine these hanging in your child’s room, down the hallway or even on a small little nib wall.

Lumi Tiles

Another gorgeous are our lumi tiles. These are beautiful acrylic blocks that can sit on a bookshelf, coffee table or tv unit. They are made from clear acrylic and the photograph is printed on the back of the block. When you look at the block from different angles, it gives it a 3d kind of look. Plus the acrylic really makes the colours pop!

These are come in three different sizes and are perfect if you are renting or don’t have any more wall space. The minis are also perfect for the office – imagine one of these sitting next to your computer so you can look at your gorgeous kids while you work!

The below photograph shows how thick the acrylic blocks are and how the photos become three dimensional when looking through the acrylic.


Albums are another beautiful product that showcases your gorgeous family portraits. They are perfect if you have way too many photos to print for the walls! Albums are also great if you want to tell a story of your family at that moment in time.

Our beautiful albums come with different album cover options from linen to photo covers and are all individually custom designed. We have a variety of sizes available as well. Such a perfect way to preserve your beautiful memories. We also have the option for grandparent albums too!


And last but not least, you can’t go past a good collection of beautiful photographic prints. Especially when they are framed. These come in all different sizes, can be framed or unframed and are perfect gift ideas!

So that gives you an idea of the types of products that we love when displaying your photographs. And all of our gorgeous products come with the matching digital print too as we know everyone loves to share.

Digital photographs are great as a back up, but here at NBP we love printing your photographs and making sure you go home with something to display straight away.

If you’d like to know more about our portrait products, then Get in Touch! We’d love to chat more about how we can show off your gorgeous photos!!

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