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brisbane league of extraordinary women breakfast event newstead studiosThis morning I had the absolute pleasure of heading over to Newstead Studios for another League of Extraordinary Women events. I am so proud to be part of the league and love meeting and connecting with like minded women.

This morning we had the lovely Emma from Barre Body and Jasmine Dowling to talk all things creativity, originality and loving your work. I got so much out of this panel discussion. I totally believe I was meant to be here and listen to these words.

Yesterday I had one of those days.. I had an epic shoot in the morning but afterwards I was completely spent and feeling completely disconnected from my passion and my purpose. I was feeling a little burnt out. But I got home, went for a run and woke up today super early, did some yoga and jumped in the car and headed to the event. And it was like the chat was designed just for me.

Some of the biggest takeaways from this morning’s event were:

  • What’s the worse thing that could happen? Advice that Emma received from her Dad when starting the business. Sometimes we get so overwhelmed that we lose perspective, so this was a great reminder.
  • As business owners we are constantly moving and thinking we don’t take enough time to be. This is where our creativity and ideas flourish. We shouldn’t put pressure on our creativity.
  • Follow your energy. If you are in flow, follow that and embrace your creativity.
  • Just get it out there even if it sucks and google is your friend when you are first starting out.
  • Infuse LOVE into everything. Base your decisions on love not fear.
  • A key takeaway from Jasmine was focus on the work. Enjoy the process of the work. True success is enjoying the journey and embracing the process. Be in LOVE with the work.
  • Creativity isn’t just about art or drawing. Creativity can be about ideas.
  • For Emma, balance of work and life is all about integration. Find ways to integrate your work and your life into things that feel balanced for you. Presence and mindfulness is key to integration.
  • Develop a thick skin and learn resilience.


brisbane league of extraordinary women breakfast event newstead studiosbrisbane league of extraordinary women breakfast event newstead studiosbrisbane league of extraordinary women breakfast event newstead studiosSo you can see after an hour and half I took away so many key things. And I feel so recharged. I know that I need to get out more from behind the camera and computer and connect in real life. As an extrovert, I love connecting with people and so I know my flatness yesterday was a reminder for self care, self love and get out and CONNECT.

Want to know more about the League and how awesome it is, check it out here.

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