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Joanne & Anne Marie | Celebrity Next Door Project | Brisbane | 10th October 2014

A few months ago I started the journey of the Celebrity Next Door Project with the talented team at All for Mary. It has been an interesting project so far and I have met some amazing women through this project. With wedding season in full swing, I am a little bit behind in all of my blogging, so today I am going to share two of the beautiful women I have photographed as part of the project.

The first person is the lovely Joanne. We photographed her a few months back in the studio to be our August Celebrity Next Door. The brief that I received from Beth in capturing Jo’s photographs was that Jo is a quiet woman, an introvert who chooses to express her fun side of her personality through her hair. As a photographer it was my job to capture not only her quiet, calm nature but also bring out the quirky fun side. Jo is known for her domestic goddess nature in the kitchen and so we wanted to bring out this playful element through her photographs.

Jo was so easy to photograph. Throughout the hair and makeup preparations, we had lots of general banter in the studio, but Jo was incredibly quiet and observant. I knew as soon as I had her in front of my camera, I had to not only capture her quiet nature, but I had to make her feel comfortable enough to express her bubbly, quirky fun side too. I think this is one of the toughest things you have to do as a photographer, make your client feel so comfortable that you can break through the invisible walls (of being scared, intimated, uncomfortable in front of the camera) make them relax and bring out their true character. I love taking a client from a nervous wreck to a joyful, playful, confident, comfortable person in front of the camera. I think this where the magic happens and for Jo, this was certainly true.

So here are a handful of images including the 9up that has become as much part of the project as the individual photos. If you would like to read the blog post Beth wrote about Jo, you can do so here.


Our next gorgeous woman was Anne-Maree. She was our September Celebrity Next Door. Anne-Maree’s shoot took place down at the Gold Coast at the crack of dawn. It was the first shoot to take place outside the studio and the early rise was certainly worth it for the beautiful photographs that resulted. There was something incredibly special standing on the beach in the freezing cold, watching the dawn of a new day.

The brief that I received from Beth about capturing the beautiful Anne-Maree is that Anne-Maree is a beautiful, creative strong character who sometimes is a little misunderstood. She has clear goals in life and the guts and determination to reach and achieve those goals. Sometimes this strength and determination can be a little misunderstood. The idea behind the shoot was to showcase Anne-Maree in a softer, soulful connected manner that represented her uniqueness with her hair (Anne-Maree has a beautiful white panel of hair in amongst her gorgeous blonde) but also her kind heart that ultimately drives everything that she does. I think we were able to achieve that through her photographs.

Anne-Maree was incredibly easy to photograph even though we were up at stupid o’clock to be down on the beach by sunrise. After many coffees, a brisk walk to the beach we were standing on the sand, trying not to freeze waiting for the sun to come over the horizon. I didn’t need to direct Anne-Maree much as we wanted the photos to feel as though it was just Anne-Maree wondering on the beach, thinking about the approaching day and being connected not only to herself but the world around her. With her 9up collage we wanted to bring out her playful nature to show that even though she is determined and driven she can also relaxed and enjoy life as well.

So here are some of the beautiful photographs we created on the beach at sunrise. If you would like to read more from Beth, you can check out Anne-Maree’s blog here.


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