Brisbane Portrait Photographer | Nourish by Her – Self Love Brunch

Over the weekend I had the absolute pleasure of capturing some gorgeous photographs for Jade from Nourish by Her at her gorgeous Self Love Brunch. The brunch was all about connecting with like minded women and talk all things self love. The beautiful brunch was held at Merci Event Spaces at Hawthorne. And my goodness, this space is so incredibly swoon worthy!! As soon as I stepped inside, I was like Wow! This space is incredible.. AND it has a gorgeous flower swing!!! Hello photographers dream!!

After checking out this gorgeous event space and taking some beautiful photographs, the ladies started arriving and so I just had to capture some photos with the gorgeous background! There were so many beautiful ladies. All with different stories, different journeys, but all feeling the need to step up their self love game (myself included).

First up we had the lovely Jade who organized the event, get up and speak about her own personal journey with Self Love and the impact it has had on her life by choosing love and how it inspired her to organize this event. Then we heard from Loren Burton.

Loren is the winner of the Cosmo Curve competition and owner of the Self Care School. Before the event I didn’t really know much about her, but she shared so much incredible wisdom about self love and the journey she had been on. The two biggest takeaways for me was that you are worthy, loveable exactly as you are and your thoughts create your emotions. She chatted about her 4 pillars of self love – self awareness, self acceptance, self compassion and self care. And explained how these are so incredible vital to fully and completely loving yourself. Self love is a journey, but it is so important to make a long term commitment to manage your mind, your emotions and be conscious how you treat yourself and others.

I am now a serious Loren fan girl and she actually inspired me to start walking down the path my heart has been calling for a while, but I just haven’t been listening. I could right so much more, but instead, you should check her out on Instagram – Loren Burton – The Self Love School

Then after a gorgeous brunch (seriously, check out the food below) we heard from the lovely Megan Potter from Megan Potter Makeup & Styling and  Katy Smith from The Nourish Project.

Megan is the owner of Megan Potter Makeup & Styling and her passion is all things organic and mineral makeup. She shared her journey about how she came to be where she is today in terms of her business and ethos of living a chemical free life, but also the passion behind her makeup line and why it was so important. She shared all the nasties that we need to stay away from, because our skin is one of our biggest organs and we need to be super conscious about the products we are using and how they are affecting our hormones and the things are great, nourishing and so incredibly beneficial for our skin and makeup routines. Definitely check out her site, there are so many gorgeous products for you try if you are looking for some makeup without the nasties!!

Then we heard from the lovely Katy who is a holistic nutritionist and specialty tea maker. She shared her own health journey from chronically ill and no one knowing why, to how she healed herself and now why she is so passionate about helping others do the same. She shared some of her knowledge about how to practice self love by learning all about healthy, wholesome food and how important it is to look at all layers of the body – body, mind, spirit, function to become the best version of you. My 3 biggest takeaways were to ensure that we are eating very mindfully, to heal from the inside out and that food is nourishment. So many of us have unhealthy attitudes towards food that it is so important to create healthy, mindful practices around food and eating.

So as you can see, this event was so powerful for me. Not only did I get to meet and chat to so many beautiful women, I also learnt so many things from each of the speakers. I can’t wait to attend more events like this, this year!

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