Brisbane Portrait Photographer | A Photo Walk

Nicole & Deb | Brisbane | Photo Walk Challenge #1 – Multiple Exposures | 23rd June 2014

Yesterday I had the pleasure of heading out and about on a photo walk with the lovely Deb. We regularly catch up for coffee and started chatting about how we both need to get outside and just go shooting for fun, to explore, to play without the pressure of a client or for money. I absolutely love photographing my clients but I think it is incredibly important as an artist to have down time just to play and try out new things. By doing this you can then bring elements into client work without the pressure of perfecting something in front of a client.

We decided that each walk we would pick a different area of Brisbane and set ourselves a little mini challenge of what to photograph along the way. Yesterday we wanted to play with double exposures and we wandered around the streets of Teneriffe to see what we could find. I love what we were able to achieve. It took a little while to really cement how the concept worked but once I got it, it was really fun to play. So here are a few of my double exposures – all shot like this in camera. I can’t wait to try one out for a boudoir session… I have an idea!!!



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