Brisbane Portrait Photographer | Studio vs Outdoor Location – Which is best?

brisbane-portrait-photographer-nbp0001You have decided you need new family photographs. Yay! But the first question that always comes up is “Where do you want to have them taken?” Do you want the classic studio look with black or white backgrounds or are you more of an outdoors type family who wants to utilise their favourite location and the gorgeous afternoon sunlight.

Here are Nicole Barralet Photography, we have the options for both studio and on location photographs. We are happy to accommodate either request depending on how many people you would like photographed and the style of photos you would like.



We have a gorgeous natural light studio in Annerley. It features beautiful white walls, a black chalkboard wall and beautiful natural light. This location gives you that beautiful studio look without the harsh shadows. It will give you a beautiful classic portrait look, but there is also room for some classic emotive portraits as well. One thing to keep in mind however, is that the studio really only has space for families up to 8. Any more people and it becomes really cramped for big family portrait shots. If you have a large family group you would like photographed, then an outdoor location would be best.

The studio can be used from 8am to 4pm when the natural light is best. The studio can be used even when its raining.

brisbane-portrait-photographer-nbp0004OUTDOOR LOCATION

We are more than happy to travel out on location for your family photos. Do you have a special location in mind? Do you want to incorporate you local neighbourhood or a place that you hang out together as a family? A family portrait is all about capturing your relationships with the people you love. This means it can take any shape or form depending on how creative you would like to get!

We have photographed in parks, gardens, paddocks, farms, in the city and on the beach. Any outdoor location can be beautiful at the right time of day. It really just comes down to the type of family portraits that you want.

The best times for outdoor portraits are Sunrise – 8:30am and 3:30pm-Sunset (a little later in summer). Outdoors of course is completely weather dependant. If the weather is looking rainy or stormy, generally we will reschedule for a sunnier day.


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