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Nicole | Portraits | Brisbane | 4th July 2015

With all of the craziness that has been happening over the past month, I haven’t really been shooting very much. So now that I am settled and everything is getting back to normal, I am itching to shoot. I think I really needed the rest both physically and creatively and I am so excited to be back behind the camera again.

Yesterday I decided that I wanted to just shoot for an hour, with a lens I don’t normally use in the studio and have a focus on expression, emotion and making the end results black and white. Sometimes it is fun to challenge ourselves and just see what happens. Kristie was my lovely model who I have photographed before, so it was lovely catching up with herald just playing.

So here are the results. It was lots of fun to just play and capture different expressions and of course when fairly lights and confetti are involved, the results are always awesome. Thanks Kristie for hanging out and letting me just photograph for fun!


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