Brisbane Portrait Photographer | The Elements Personal Shoot – Earth

Nicole | Personal | Annerley Portrait Studio | 31st July 2013

A few months back, I collaborated with the lovely Rae to complete a series of four personal shoots. I had this idea brewing inside my head for a few months of featuring the four elements – earth, fire, wind and water. I wanted to explore these in a conceptual way incorporating a boudoir and glamour style of photographs and bring out the elements through hair and makeup.

I orginially gave myself the deadline of submitting the photographs for the Queensland Photography Awards, but I just ran out of time. Plus I think that I am so personally connected to the photos, that I couldn’t bare the thought of seeing it ripped to shreds by a judge’s subjective opinion. I love the idea of awards and pushing it towards a goal, but it is not something I primarily focus on in my business. My awards are given to me by my clients with their continual word of mouth referrals and repeat business.

Back to the shoot. The first shoot that Rae and I collaborated on, was with the element of Earth. I had visions of big beautiful hair, makeup dirt and a rustic twig headpiece. It was so much fun shooting and creating some really dramatic photographs. Then once I had captured the shot I had in mind, it was play time and we just kept shooting. I think some of my favourite images came from the fun time. It is so important for me as a creative, to sometimes just photograph for me and see where it leads. If I have that time and freedom to experiment, I find that later down the track, it starts appearing in my client work.

A big thank you to Courtney for being our model and for allowing me to throw makeup dirt at her during the session! It was a lot of fun!!

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