Brisbane Portrait Photographer | The League of Extraordinary Women – Megan Morton

Last week I had the pleasure of heading into Showroom Brisbane for another great League of Extraordinary Women event. I absolutely loving attending all of the events as it is so nice to get out of the office, into the city and networking with other like minded women. I must admit when I booked my ticket to this event, I had no idea who Megan Morton was. I did a quick google and found that she was a stylist, educator, owned an amazing studio and prop house and just an all round great chick. I had no expectations going in but walked away with my mind blown. Not only is Megan an amazing stylist, but she is a kick ass business women with a philosophy of doing things slow.. getting out of the non-stop digital world and back into tangible, analogue world. She spends countless hours in libraries and spaces to be inspired… she thinks outside the box and takes it all in. She runs multiple business with so much ease and grace. One of the biggest lessons I learnt and I think the word of the day was “velocity”.. take the momentum and work towards your dreams and the velocity will make it happen. Another massive takeaway for me was a reminder to make connections with other humans.. not just online. Watching Megan connect with all the wonderful ladies in the room was beautiful. She introduced herself, gave them a compliment and really looked at you when you were speaking. I feel like in this day and age, we don’t do this enough. So you could say the couple of hours that I spent listening to Megan talk was very inspirational and I had a few takeways to implement even though I’m not in the styling business.

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