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Photography… What is photography and why is it so powerful?

This is something I have been pondering a lot over the past couple of months. I have really being trying to bring into focus and re-ignite the passion I have for photography and running a business. It’s like anything you do for a long period of time, you go through different motions of being in love with it and then being burnt out and tired of the daily grind of running a business.

I find that when I get tired of the daily grind, it is the most important time for me to stop, reflect and bring it back to love, heart and purpose.

Why is it that I love photography so much? Firstly, I absolutely love interacting with people, capturing the connection, their love and their relationships. I love creating beautiful photographs that remind them of a moment in time, and especially how they felt in that moment. I believe that is the power of a photograph. Taking you back to a specific moment in time and emotionally connecting with that memory.

And I love that. I love being the person who connects with other amazing people, captures beautiful moments and memories for them and has the power to change the way people see themselves. It is such an amazing feeling and it brings so much joy to my lives and the lives of my clients.

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And it’s not just me who feels this way, I recently watched an episode of Creatives on ABC and there was an episode about Robert McFarlane an amazing Australian street photographer. And his opening statement really touched me. I feel like it totally sums up photography and the power of creating memories.

“Time is elusive and that stays the same. Every photograph is a record of a life gone past. A moment that will never, ever come back again. A camera is a way of working through that and you have the pictures to prove that you have been on the journey.” – Robert McFarlane

I love that photography is a way of recording a moment in time that will never be again and that photography is the proof that time exists and proves the journey we are experiencing. So take lots of photographs – hire a professional photographer to capture those big life changing moments so you can be present and stop being scared of being in front of the camera. Life and the journey of life is worth celebrating and documenting.brisbane portrait photographer

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