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Nicole | Personal | Backyard & Tenerife | 6th June 2011


Self Portraits – how do you see yourself?

I love capturing self portraits. If you haven’t got any one else to use as a model and you want to play with your camera, then go for it!! This is a concept that I have done before a few years ago, but I think it really sums up who I am. I think that I have many different facets to my personality and am very expressive when I talk and take photos. I love to smile and I love making people smile. I have to thank the lovely Priya for the photos of me that are hanging on the clothes line. If you have checked out my website lately, you will notice a few of them in the “about me” section.

Well thats enough rambling for a Monday.. How do you see yourself? If you could photograph a self portrait how would you do it?? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Monday!

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