Brisbane Portrait Photography | What types of photos does a newborn session include?

Today I wanted to share an overview of the type of photographs that a newborn session includes. Each session is completely customised to your requirements, but I thought it would be great to provide a suggestion of the types of portraits we capture.

The Family Photo

One of the absolutely must have photographs of a newborn session is that first family photo.. where two become three, or three become four.. I love being able to capture the emotion and feeling surround the arrival of bub..

And also being able to capture siblings photos as well. Sometimes these can be tricky depending on the siblings age, but either way they are a gorgeous representation of that time.

Photos with Dad

One of my favourite combinations to photograph, is the photos with Dad. Holding bub in his hand and capturing the love for his new baby. These shots are also a great way to show scale of how tiny bub actually is!

Photos with Mum

And of course we can’t forget to capture Mum with bub as well.

The Details

These photographs are all about capturing how tiny your baby is… from their feet, to their hands, to how much hair they had… All the bits you don’t want to forget!


Then of course depending on how bub is during the session we can capture a variety of different poses. Sometimes babies are more awake and sometimes they are more sleepy. It really just depends. We always just go with the flow on that day.

So that gives you a little insight to the different poses we can create during a session. Again we just work in with bub on the day and how they are going. if they are more awake, then the photographs will feature more awake shots and if they are asleep then there will be more sleepy photos.

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