Brisbane Travel Photographer | A Weekend Escape to Wongari Eco Resort

Over the Australia Day long weekend, we had the opportunity to head down to Lamington National Park to a beautiful retreat called Wongari Eco Retreat. It was so incredible! No phones. No internet. No tv. Just the sounds of the deafening cicadas, the birds and the beautiful rain.

It was so nice to be off the grid and just present for a long weekend. At first I felt a little uneasy not being in phone reception or consuming useless information but by the end of the weekend I really didn’t want to leave.

And I found my creativity come back. I had time to just sit and think and read and just be. It was heaven. And of course we documented our stay. So here is our Wongari Eco Retreat in photos.

Wongari has two cabins – Serenity and Bimbul. We stayed in Bimbul. Bimbul means pine trees and was fitting for this beautiful cabin nestled into the landscape. The owners have really thought long and hard about the entire cabin and how it fits into the landscape. If you blink you almost miss it driving past.

The cabin itself is absolutely stunning. There is nothing I would add to it. It is completely self sufficient and runs off hydro electricity. The kitchen was great, the beds were comfy, the shower had the most epic view and that bay window. Let’s just say it was my favourite nook for coffee and for reading. The only thing we didn’t use was the indoor fire place as it was a little too warm to put the fire on. Can’t wait to come back in winter!

There was such a calming feeling about being nestled in the pine tree forest. Perfect for some meditation to clear the mind.

That shower view and reflexology floor!

So much time for board games, reading and of course wine and cheese!

The cabin looked over Buchannan’s fort. As the weather changed quite rapidly throughout the stay, we were able to see the mountain in all its glorious beauty.

Down the bottom of the embankment was a beauty fresh water stream. The water was so pure and so clear. Perfect for a little dip every day.

Out on the back deck, there was this epic fire pit that we just had to light for at least one night to toast some marshmellows. I can’t wait to sit here under the winter nights sky looking at the starry sky and taking in the warmth of the fire.

On the last day we left with showers of rain.. and even though it was wet, it was so incredibly beautiful.

Seriously, that view. If you are looking for a beautiful retreat completely off grid and surrounded by nature then you need to visit Wongari. It is only 1hr 45mins from Brisbane but feels like you are in a completely different world.

We will be back!

If you want to know more about visiting and staying at Wongari check out their website:

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