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Nicole | Personal | Christchurch, NZ | 14th June 2012

Over the weekend, Andrew and I headed over to Chirstchurch to visit family and friends and for a little time out. A couple of days before we left, they had a massive snow storm where the whole town was covered in snow. I’ve only ever been to the snow twice, so to see such a magical sight of a whole town being covered in the white icy goodness was such a novelty. I was however a little worried about driving around on the icy roads. Luckily for us, by the time we arrived the roads were melted and we had no troubles at all.

The snow provided some beautiful landscapes for me to capture. I don’t generally photograph many landscapes as I find photographing people more interesting, the snow gave me a unique opportunity to head out into it, have some fun and try and capture it’s beauty. All while the temp was around -4. It was just a little chilly. We also headed out to the Waipara Valley to sample some of the local wines. The scenery of the surround mountains was just spectacular. I really enjoyed the drive out to the Valley and back.

Christchurch certainly is a changed city to when we were last there 18 months ago. The cityscape is completely different. All the little places we had hung out before were gone. The buildings are gone and there are still many more to go. The earthquakes have changed this city in so many ways, and only the strongest people remain. People are leaving the city at an alarming rate. We experienced an earthquake while we were there and let me just say that I wouldn’t want to experience them regularly. I look forward to seeing how the new city of Christchurch evolves. It’s going to take a long time to rebuild, but I think they have a unique opportunity to create a truly spectacular city. 

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