Brisbane Travel Photography | Vietnam Adventures… Part 2 – The People

Nicole | Personal | Vietnam | 15th – 28th March 2013

Today I wanted to share a few more photographs of my Vietnam adventures. Today I am blogging about the people of Vietnam. The most beautiful part of Vietnam was the positivity of the people that I met and came across in Vietnam. They may not have much (materialistic) but they work hard and are incredibly positive in their approach to life. The country itself has been through many hardships. Like most people of my generation, the first thing you think of when you mention Vietnam is the war. But Vietnam is so much more than just a war. The people are so beautiful. They have put the war behind them and work hard to create better lives for themselves. Every local guide that we had, was so positive and so passionate about their country. They have embraced the past. Accepted it and are living in the present and working towards a better future.

So here are just a few photographs of some of the people I met in Vietnam.

This is my favourite people shot! I just love her expression!

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