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Nicole | Personal | Vietnam | 15th – 28th March 2013

Wow! I can’t believe its been two and a half weeks since I blogged! It seems like only yesterday I was boarding the plane for my solo adventure to Vietnam. I had never been overseas by myself before so I was a little nervous about going alone, but once I met the Contiki group, all of my doubts and fears disappeared. I had the most amazing two weeks in Vietnam and this was due to the amazing people I was surrounded by. Vietnam was so not what I was expecting – it was so much more. The people, the cities, the culture, the food… all of it was amazing. There is such a deep history and culture to Vietnam that is not just about the war and it was exciting to learn and visit places that truly represented Vietnam. And it was so nice to actually have a break from my business. I LOVE my business and being a photographer, but after 15 months without a solid timeout holiday, I was really burnt out and in dire need of some new inspiration.

I love visiting different countries and cultures. I think it is so important to look outside of what you have and see the different ways people live throughout the world. It really does put it all in perspective. I have been pretty lucky to be able to travel, and I think this trip has unlocked a bigger travelling bug.. Now I just have to decide where I want to go next…

So without me rabbling on too much more, here are some of the beautiful photographs that I took while on my travels… I took way too many to blog them all. I can’t wait to create a beautiful coffee table book featuring all of the beautiful images I took while in Vietnam.

Starting with Ho Chi Minh City – how crazy are the scooters!!

The local markets… I just love how there are no food standards in Vietnam… although at least everything is fresh!

After a day in Ho Chi Minh City, we headed down to the Mekong Delta to see the floating markets and stay in our home stay for the night.

Then it was off to Nha Trang the beachside village. I loved Nha Trang and would love to visit again!

Then it was off to Hoi An another place I would love to visit. We also were able to head out of town and see the My Son temples. Beautiful – but sooo hot!!

I just LOVE LOVE LOVED the textures of the walls in and around Hoi An. It was such an interesting place to be. I loved that you could hire a bike for $1 and cycle around the town.

Hoi An has so many beautiful lanterns in the street and at night they come alive. So pretty!

Then it was off to Hue and we were able to drive the Hai Van Pass (for all you Top Gear fans). I only used my phone for these photos as I get bus sick :(. We had a cyclo tour over to the Citadel and Pagoda in Hue in the afternoon. So much fun!

Beautiful sunset in Hue.

Then it was off to Hanoi and out to Halong Bay for an overnight trip on a junk boat. So beautiful, yet so polluted. You don’t appreciate how clean the air is here until you’ve been in asia for a while.

The beautiful limestone islands have many caves that have formed. We were lucky to kayak through one into the middle of the island and also climb up into another and see the huge cave inside! It was spectacular! And the views of Halong Bay from the caves were amazing!

Crazy Hanoi. More scooters. More markets. A slightly different vibe in the nationals captial. I wish I would of had an extra day or two to explore more.

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow – the people of Vietnam.


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