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Today I wanted to share a little blog post about the finished photographs you as a client will receive on your wedding day. As part of all of my wedding packages, I include a curated collection of digital photos in the form of JPGS on a USB.

What does curated mean? A curated collection of photographs means that I am constantly snapping away throughout the entire day. When I download both my cards and my second shooter cards, I go through and pick out the best of the best from the cards. I will take out the ones where you have your eyes closed or where there might be a slight technical error and pick the best of 10 frames of the same moment. At the end of the day, I want you to have the absolute best collection of photographs that represent your wedding day – the big moments, the little moments, the people, the relationships and your love.

Occasionally I receive the questions, can I please have the RAW photographs too?  I want to explain why I don’t include the RAW photographs in my wedding packages and why professional photographers won’t. The main reason I don’t include the RAW photographs as part of my wedding packages is that it would be like only half doing the job. As a photographer there really is two parts to your role – capturing the moment on the day and then bringing out the best in your photographs through editing or post production. Editing is like being an artist and through the editing process you enhance the moment to create a beautiful photo that celebrates that moment of time.

The photo above demonstrates the difference between RAW and an edited JPG. The photo on the left I underexposed the bridal party just a fraction so I could keep the detail in the sky, then using Lightroom I enhanced the dramatic clouds, cropped and warmed up the photograph to create this amazing moment. Definitely worth it I believe.

Handing over the RAW photographs to a client would be like handing over a half finished painting. It just wouldn’t make sense. And not to mention, you need special software to be able to view and read RAW photographs. But rest assured, the photographs that you receive on your USB are of a high quality and resolution and give you the flexibility to print them yourself either as prints, albums or for the wall. And JPGs have always been around and will continue to be read even with the changing of technology.

At the end of the day, when you hire a professional photographer, you are hiring them for their photo taking ability and their editing skills. Why would you want to receive only a job half done? When you choose your photographer, one of the main reasons besides liking them as a person, you choose them for their style and how the photographs look. Let your wedding photographer do their job and create a beautiful collection of edited photographs just for you!

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