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Nicole | Wedding | Brisbane | 9th January 2015

Today’s blog post in the series of annual favourites, is some of my favourite photographs from the ceremony. The ceremony is one of the most important parts of the day, as the bride and groom exchange vows and promise to love and cherish each other in front of the most important people in their lives. There are always so many beautiful moments to photograph during the ceremony part of the day – Dad walking his daughter down the isle, tears of happiness from Mum as she watches her son get married, moments of pure joy and congratulations as the bride and groom exit the ceremony. It truly is a beautiful part of the day to document and I have really learnt to look for more of these moments.

A big thank you to Mel, Kyle, Mary and Kylie for helping me second shoot this year and for showing and sharing with me your knowledge. I have learnt so much from each and every one of you.


A lot of people don’t get to see what goes on outside of the ceremony. I love that I am there to be able to capture some gorgeous moments.


I absolutely love photographing the moment walking down the aisle. I love the absolutely gorgeous mix of emotions that are displayed. And the funny moments that sometime happen.


And the expressions of the groom as they see their bride for the first time.


That moment of holding back the tears as you pledge your love to the man of your dreams.


This year I have had the pleasure of seeing many different traditions incorporated into the ceremonies with unique individual touches incorporated to represent the couple’s love.


And kisses with sparkles! What more can I say?


And excitement plus of being pronounced husband and wife!


And lastly one of my favourite parts of the ceremony is organising a group photograph of everyone there. I always love doing the Woohoo shot as you always get the funniest expressions from everyone as they cheer the newlyweds.


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