Brisbane Wedding Photographer | Celebrating 10 Years!!!


Here at Nicole Barralet Photography, March 2016 is a special month of in my business history. It is the anniversary of 10 years of photographing weddings. It has been quite a journey looking back and seeing how far I have come, not only as a photographer but as a person. I have learnt so much on this journey – how to take the best possible photographs on a wedding day, how to interact and bring out the best in the people I photograph and how much grit, determination and hustle it takes to be a full time successful photography business owner.

I remember how I felt when my first couple booked me for their wedding photography. I was fearful. I was stressed. I was nervously excited. I wasn’t sure if I could do the job. I remember how much faith and trust my couple had in me and my abilities. I know when they initially enquired I was fearful and skeptical that I could do a good job capturing their wedding day. I will always remember how much they believed in me and my abilities and will be forever grateful for this.

This belief was the very start of a career change for me. I wouldn’t be where I am today, without this initial faith in me and my abilities. And since then I have completely and utterly fallen in love with the challenge of photographing weddings. I have grown so much and photographed so many gorgeous couples over the past 10 years. I feel so privileged now, to be invited into one of the most important days of my couples lives to share in their joy and capture their precious wedding day memories. I want to say THANK YOU to all of my couples who have believed in me and my abilities from the very start until now. Without your love and support I wouldn’t be able to do what I do and have a successful business.

Over the years on this crazy photographic journey, there has been so many people who have helped and assisted me along the way. To all of my second shooters who have had my back and assisted me not only in the early days, but over the past few years, thank you. And to all of the people who have doubted that I could make a living out of being a photographer, I want to say thank you. It has given me more drive and determination to be a success. I absolutely love what I do and can’t comprehend doing anything else. I must give a massive shout out to my family and friends for supporting me over the past ten years. Thank you for listening to me when I needed to vent, your uplifting and encouraging words when I have moments of doubt in my abilities and of course never ending support. I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today without this.

So to all of all of my clients past and present, thank you. Thank you for the privilege of inviting me to be part of your wedding day to capture the love, joy and emotions through photography. I look forward to photographing many more couples and creating beautiful memories for them. I hope to look back in another 10 years and see how much more I have grown and reflect on where my business is. Here’s to another 10 years!!!!

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