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Today I just wanted to share a few tips on how to get the best photographs on your wedding day. A great wedding photograph can, and has worked in many varied locations and lighting scenarios and still get amazing shots but I wanted to share a few little tips on how to make the job just a little bit easier for your photographer.


Be Relaxed & Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

There is so much stress and pressure in the lead up to a wedding, I always encourage my brides to be nice and relaxed and just take the day as it comes. I have witnessed many brides over the years who spend all this time planning the absolutely perfect day right down to the final detail, but stress themselves out on the day worrying that everything won’t be perfect and forget to just breathe, relax and enjoy the day. At the end of the day, you are getting married. If there is anything that goes wrong, just roll with it and worry about it later. The day will be perfect no matter what happens (and if its not, it will tell a great story in the years to come).


Getting Ready Photos

Here are a few little tips on maximising the time you have with your wedding photographer during your prep photos:

  • Have all your details together & waiting to be photographed. For the guys – cufflinks, tie/bow tie, rings, belt, shoes, flower, cologne and any other details you would like photographed and for the girls – the dress, jewellery, garter, flowers, shoes, perfume, engagement ring and any other special items
  • Make sure the room/house you are getting ready is tidy and has the most amount of light. More light makes for better photos, and a fairly clean room makes all the difference.
  • Working with your hair and makeup artist to be finishing up just as we arrive makes for some awesome finishing up shots really help to tell the full story of your day



For the ceremony, here are a couple of tips to get the best photographs:

  • Consider having an unplugged wedding ceremony… that way your guests are present in the moment and not sticking their iphones out down the aisle.
  • If you are planning an outdoor ceremony firstly make sure you have a nice wet weather option close by. There is nothing worse then running inside from the rain!
  • If you are getting married outdoors around 2-3 hours before sunset is the perfect time for the best lighting.
  • Also when you are setting up for your ceremony be mindful of what is in the background and where the light is falling on your faces. A great tip is to stand where you will be standing on the day around the same time of day and see if it is perfect or uncomfortable for either one of you. There is nothing worse then a squinty bride!
  • If you are having a church ceremony, make sure you ask the church if there are any photo restrictions. This way we can work with the church and respect any rules they may have.

brisbane-wedding-photographers-advice0004Family Photos

A wedding day is one of those rare occasions where you bring all your friends and family into one room to celebrate with you. So in order to maximise your family photo time, it is always a great idea to write a list of all the must have family and friend photos you would like on the day. That way we don’t miss anyone!


Bridal Party Portraits

Generally on your wedding day we don’t have a massive amount of time between the ceremony and reception for bridal party portraits. No body wants to keep their guests waiting for too long, so here are a few tips to maximise your time capturing some beautiful portraits and minimise the waiting time..

  • Choose a location where you can have the ceremony, bridal party portraits and the reception. If you don’t have to leave the venue for photos this will save time. If you do want to go off site for photos, it is totally not an issue, you just need to factor in travel time between locations
  • Bride and Bridesmaids – bring a pair of flats to the photos… Most girls have really high heels on throughout the ceremony and their feet start to really hurt during photos if they are not used to them. Throw a pair of flats in for the photos as we will be doing lots of walking and your feet will thank you.
  • Limit Alcohol… I know this won’t be a popular thing to say, but it is wise to limit your alcohol intake during the bridal party photos for two reasons – one, no one can photoshop drunkness out of a bride and two it can be really challenging for your photographer if your bridal party is unruly, rude, disrespectful and too busy drinking. If you limit your drinks during the photos the process is a lot easier for everyone involved and we will be able to get back to the reception where you will be able to drink until you hearts content.
  • Have a wet weather plan – if it’s raining or storming chat to your photographer about location options and be prepared with enough umbrellas for every member of your bridal party!



The reception is the time where you sit back relax and enjoy. The only piece of advice I have is that you give the photographer a run sheet of the evening (the same one the MC has) so they we know when all of the important moments are happening so we can be prepared!

Again, these tips and tricks are only suggestions, but after 10 years of photographing weddings I have learnt and picked up a few things along the way. These are just a few suggestions if you want to maximise your time for photos and get the best results!

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