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Nicole | Personal | Brisbane | 18th April 2012

Back in March,  I had the pleasure of attending the 2012 Queensland AIPP Professional Photography Awards (QAPPA) for the first time. I have known about the awards for a number of years, but have always been too scared to enter. The awards are scary as you are judged by your peers about the quality of your photography. I was only brave enough to enter 3 photographs into the wedding category. The wedding category is one of the toughest and most popular categories within the awards. Many many photographs are entered into this category but only a handful win awards.

The way the awards work is that you are given a print score out of 100 and depending on the score you are awarded either a Silver or Gold (and distinctions) for your print. A majority of the prints are scored between 71-79 which is a good professional quality of image, but anything above this is above the standard or the norm expected from a professional photographer. Two of my images scored 75 and 77, but I was lucky enough to receive an 80 and a Silver award for the below image:

The Story Behind the Photo

This photo was taken last year at Katie & Adam’s wedding. We were photographing the preparation photographs of the boys when they pulled out some cigars. Unfortunately we couldn’t smoke them inside without setting off the fire alarms, so we headed outside to this old shed and starting playing around. It was quite a tricky shot to pull off, as it was the middle of the day and bright sunlight. So I underexposed enormously and together without my off camera flash we were able to illuminate not only the boys faces but also the cigar smoke. I had to get the boys to all exhale at the same time in order to get smoke all around. Then a quick conversion to black and white and that is the above result. Pretty cool!

So for the first time entering the queensland awards. I was pretty excited to receive at least one award. It certainly is a different mind frame entering, selecting and editing photographs for awards. The judges are looking for something different, something unsual, above the standard. It has definately been an interesting experience and hopefully I will have time to capture, edit and enter some photographs into the national awards!!


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