Brisbane Wedding Photographers | How To Choose the Right Wedding Photography Package?

When you start planning your wedding, it can become overwhelming really quickly. There are so many options, so many different ways to do things and let’s not even talk about the Pinterest rabbit hole.

And it can be the same when looking for a wedding photographer. It can become confusing really quickly about who to choose and which photo package is right for you.

So how do I choose the right photography package?

Here are three things to consider when choosing your package:

1. Time
2. Number of Photographers & Photos
3. Products


How long do you want your photographer to be there on the day for? Do you want them to cover everything right through from preparations to the reception, only just parts of the day? Or do you only want them there just up until the reception? Or maybe you only want just the ceremony?

Many photographers offer an hourly package depending on the different amount of coverage you want. Generally around 8 hours will cover preparations up until reception and 10hours will cover preparations up until your first dance.

Here at NBP I like to keep things simple when choosing the amount of time for your wedding day. You either choose day coverage which includes prep, ceremony, family photos, location photos and entrance to reception, or you choose Day + Night which includes all of the above and reception coverage.

I don’t want my couples to be worried about how many hours I have been there or struggle to choose between which parts of the day to capture. Just tell me if you want to be there up to reception or for the full day. Easy.

How do I decide on how much time?

Here are some of the reasons why I love photographing different elements of the day:

1. Preparations – for both the groom and bride this captures all the details, all the moments in between getting ready, some photos with the boys, some photos with the girls and your parents if they are there. If you think about how much time and planning has gone into the wedding day, it’s nice to be able to capture the preparations on the day as well

2. Ceremony – this is where you capture the moments you say I do. There are of course circumstances where parts or full ceremonies aren’t allowed to be photographed and that is totally ok. But the ceremony is a beautiful part of the day to be captured.

3. Family Photos – on a wedding day two families are coming together. When was the last time all of the family was together. That’s why its important to have some beautiful family photos just after the ceremony to capture precious memories of your family history.

4. Bridal Party & Couple Photos – this is where you head out with the photographer and the bridal party to capture some beautiful memories of the day. Photos that represent you, your love and the closest friends you chose to be in your bridal party in a location that means something to you.

5. Reception – this is where the party happens and some of the more candid and fun photographs can really take place. The reception covers entrance, speeches, cake cutting, first dance and any other special things that may take place. Plus it is a great opportunity for candids to be captured of your guests having fun

That gives you a bit of an idea as to why coverage for different parts of the day is important.


How many photographers do you want there on the day? Do you just want one? Do you want two? Do you want a photographer and a videographer?

One thing to consider when choosing a wedding package is the amount of photographers it includes. A lot of the time the price varies depending on if it is one or two photographers.

Here are NBP I always love photographing with a second shooter as I believe it is so beneficial especially during the ceremony for capturing multiple moments. A second shooter offers a second perspective and can capture all the in between moments that may happen around the main shooter directing their subjects.

As for the amount of photographs, here at NBP our focus is on quality over quantity. We have a minimum of 300 photos for each wedding day, but generally it is somewhere between 400-500 for day coverage and 600-700 for day + night coverage.

The number of photos in the final package comes down to so many factors including how big your bridal party is, how big your family is, how long we have for location photos, how long we are there for on the day.

A great wedding story can easily be told in around 300-400 great photos.


The third thing that influences choosing a wedding package is the products that the photographer includes. How many digital photos on USB, whether or not an album is included, any prints or something for the wall.

Generally most photographers offer a digital only package which includes the photographer photographing the day and the photos on USB.

The second most popular option for products within a wedding package is an album.

One thing to always be mindful if you choose a wedding package that includes an album is how many pages the album includes. If there is only 5 or 10 pages in the album, you will most likely want more added in and it’s important to be aware of the cost of adding in extra pages before you book the package.

One of the other things to consider, or even ask potential wedding photographers is there an option to purchase products before and after the wedding. For example if you wanted to just do a digital package initially and then add in a beautiful wedding album after the day, is that a possibility?

If you are getting married and would like to own a beautiful collection of photographs that remind you how you felt on your wedding day, then get in touch with Nicole now. We would love to chat to you more about your wedding day plans.

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