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bride to be getting ready nicole barralet wedding photographer brisbane

One of the most common concerns for a bride is that they want to look gorgeous in their wedding photos. They spend many months choosing the right dress, having hair and makeup trials and then on the day it all comes together.

My job as a photographer is to capture some absolutely gorgeous photos of the bride as one element of the day. I will guide, coach and direct you to look and feel amazing in your photos no matter what size or shape you are. However, there are a few things that I have noticed over the years that make it hard for the photographer to photograph.

Here are my top 10 tips for looking and feeling the most gorgeous in your wedding gown:

1. Choose a wedding gown that suits your body shape. You want a gown that accentuates the things you love and hides the things that you don’t love so much.

2. Make sure the gown fits properly. Don’t order a gown a size smaller and hope it will fit. There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable throughout the whole day because you can’t breathe or worried that your boobs or rolls are hanging out.

3.. If you are big busted, make sure your dress supports this. There is nothing worse than an ill fitted strapless dress that at any moment a boob could pop out. And if you have smaller boobs, make sure if you go strapless that it fits perfectly, you don’t want it loose around your boobs either as you will be pulling it up all day.

4.When choosing your gown, think about the location you are getting married at and the time of year. There is nothing worse than a delicate fabric getting caught on the grass or twenty layers of tulle during the warmer months.

5. If you feel the heat, don’t book your wedding in the summer months. Consider a autumn/winter/early spring wedding. There is nothing fun about dripping in sweat!

bride to be getting ready nicole barralet wedding photographer brisbane

6.. If it is super windy or wet on the morning of your wedding think about the hair style that you have chosen and if it is going to last. There is nothing worse than starting off the day all glamorous then looking like you’ve been in a wind tunnel or the curls have all dropped because of the weather. And hair spray is your best friend.

7.Think about your shoes – make sure you have comfortable shoes that you can last the day in.. and if not, grab some flats for on location. There is nothing sexy about being in complete pain from a set of heels!

8. Fake Tan – a bad fake tan is incredibly hard to Photoshop out so make sure that you have a few trials to make sure that you are happy with the application and the colour. Too orange or too dark against your white wedding dress is not a good look. The best fake tans are the ones that you can’t tell you have had done.

9. Fake Eyelashes – are a must have for your wedding day makeup. If you are not a makeup fan and want to keep everything else minimal, the only must have I would recommend as a photographer is a set of fake eyelashes. It just finishes off your makeup look and looks amazing in all those close up looking down photos.

10.. Relax and enjoy the day. The best way to look and feel amazing in your photographs is to just relax. You are marrying the love of your life, you have planned everything down to the last detail. Just breathe and think about the love you and your partner share. That will create the most beautiful smile within your eyes and you can’t help but feel gorgeous when you look back at the photos.

So there you have it. Just a few simple things to keep in mind when choosing a wedding gown and a few things to look and feel gorgeous and comfortable on the day.

bride to be getting ready nicole barralet wedding photographer brisbane

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