Brisbane Wedding Photographers | What Time of Year Should I Get Married?

In Queensland, we are incredibly lucky that you can pretty much get married any time of the year. We have beautiful days with the odd rain or storm one here and there. Here is my overview of the seasons and advice for choosing which season is best to get married in.


Summer can be a great time of the year. The days are long, sunset is generally sometime between 6:30pm and 7:30pm but it can be extraordinarily hot. If you don’t mind the heat and sweating in a gown or suit, then summer especially by the beach is perfect.


Perfect if you like those cooler but not cold days and sunsets around 5:30/6pm. Sometimes March can still be quite hot and April can be wet and very popular, especially school hols.. My pick for an Autumn wedding would be May. Generally not too hot, cold or busy.


Winter in Queensland would be my pick of the year. The days are beautiful, and generally quite warm, the nights are cosy but the sunsets are EPIC! The sun sets somewhere between 5/5:30pm and are incredibly magical. Generally not to wet either which is a bonus. Perfect if you don’t want to sweat!


If you love flowers, then Spring would be my pick. Be mindful however of the September school holidays, it is always incredibly busy those 3 weekends. The days are warm, the sunsets between 5:30/6pm and there is beautiful flowers and new growth everywhere. Be mindful of November though, it’s storm season.

Really we are very lucky here in Queensland to have weather that means we can hold weddings any time of the year. Just remember November is generally the worse month for storms and December and January can be incredibly hot. But the rest of the time, the weather is generally pretty good.

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