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Nicole | Personal | Weddings | 1st April 2011

Wow! Just typing the date then I can’t believe that it is already April. The year is just flying. It has been quite an eventful start to the year, but for business things are going fantastic!! I thought I would share a little behind the scenes post today of some photos of us “hard at work” at the last two weddings we have photographed. At the beginning of February, I attended Hair of the Dog (AIPP photography convention) where I bumped into the lovely Priya. You know when you are in a crowd of people and you see someone and your like “I know you from somewhere” well that is what happened to Priya and I. We both looked at each other and couldn’t worked out where we knew each other from. So we got chatting and realized that we both did the same degree at QUT (Bachelor of Creative Industries, Communication Design) back in 2002. How funny. We both completed the course, went our seperate ways but both of us were lead full time into photography. It was quite surreal. Anyways back to my point, Priya and I got talking and I was chatting away about how I needed someone to help me second shoot weddings this year as I have bookings galore and that she wanted to gain more experience photographing weddings, so I was like “Let’s do it!”. So since then Priya has come out with me to every wedding that I have photographed and it has been AWESOME!

It is great to have another person who speaks PHOTOGRAPHER with me on a wedding day. There are so many things to think about – light, camera settings, directing people, making sure that you get the right shots and just generally trying to do the best job you can under the stressful conditions. It is so nice to have someone to discuss how best we are going to tackle a particular lighting situation or to look after how the dress is sitting. I am so happy that I have an awesome second shooter and we welcome Priya to the team.

So here are a few “behind the scenes” snaps of Priya and I photographing weddings.



I’m a details girl.. what can I say!


Say hi to Priya (or my fill in bride checking exposures!)



Yep, I’m like that. I’ll get down and dirty to get that shot!!


Bridesmaid or Photographer?? Mixing in with the bridal party..

undefined Golf buggies are AWESOME!!! So much fun to drive..

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