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Brisbane City Celebrants | Little Black Book | Brisbane | 1st June 2012

It has been a little while since I have blogged a little black book feature on the blog, so I am quite excited to bring you the interview from Brisbane City Celebrants. As a wedding photographer I get to work with some fantastic wedding suppliers, so this is my opportunity to give them a little shout out and offer some helpful advice for my wedding couples.

Name: Jamie Eastgate
Name of Your Business: Brisbane City Celebrants
Location: Brisbane and surrounding areas
Started: 2009

Why did you start your business?

Several years ago as excited bride and groom to be ourselves, we quickly be came aware of just how difficult it was to find a Celebrant that we could simply connect with. We didn’t expect the world, just someone that would be able to present themselves and deliver the ceremony professionally, while allowing us to have the beach ceremony set up that we had always dreamed of.

We searched the web, asked around and met with a few Celebrants only to learn that finding the right Celebrant wasn’t going to be an easy task. During our search we found Celebrants that were more in to the spiritual side and dressed a bit too hippy for our elegant wedding

(and their ceremonies didn’t reflect the relaxed, easy going, happy ‘us’ at all). Other celebrants were beyond retirement age and although they seemed like nice people, we realised very quickly that they didn’t really ‘get’ what today’s brides and grooms really want. We found they either lacked public speaking skills or weren’t prepared to be flexible and their ceremonies were full of “obey’s” “rejoicing” and “joyousness”. Not the type of wording we envisaged for our modern contemporary wedding.

We ended up settling for the best celebrant we could find, unfortunately he refused to allow us to have our beach ceremony set up the way we had envisaged, which was simply with the sea behind us as our backdrop – pretty standard for beach weddings. However he insisted the sun would be in his eyes, the day before our wedding we spent 45

minutes debating this, eventually he reluctantly agreed and on the day he turned up to perform our ceremony wearing coloured sunglasses, not the best look but we were just happy to have our beautiful ceremony with the sea in the background as we had always envisaged.

On the day as the bride arrived with her bridesmaid, not a single guest was seated and the Celebrant just stood there and left me (the Groom) to try and gather everyone to take their seats. During the ceremony he miss pronounced the brides name throughout.

We brushed these little glitches off and proceeded to have the most beautiful day filled with love as we looked in to each others eyes and repeated our vows to each other.

Our experience inspired us to become Celebrants ourselves with our business philosophy based on providing the type of ceremony, service and experience that we would have loved ourselves. We love being Celebrants, it is a true honour assisting couples in creating the perfect ceremony for their specal day.

What inspires you?

Being a Celebrant really is such a special and privileged role. The gratitude and appreciation you receive after performing a ceremony is such a great buzz!

What does your business offer?

Brisbane City Celebrants are a team of young, energetic and professional Registered Civil Marriage Celebrants. We specialise in moderm, simple and meaningful non religious wedding ceremonies.

Where do you see your business in the future?

We love where our business is right now, we have built a successful business and thanks to our strong trusted reputation in the Brisbane wedding industry, we are very fortunate that we do not need to invest in paid advertising. We don’t intend to grow too much further as we don’t want to lose sight of our original purpose, it is important that every wedding we perform is special, we have a one wedding per day policy to ensure our couples have our full undivided attention, and they can rest assured we will never be late!

Ciara is qualified to be a Celebrant trainer and may pursue that avenue in the future to assist other Celebrants with being the best they can be.

Any tips for bride and grooms on their wedding day in regards to planning their ceremony?

It’s your day so whether simple and meaningful, traditional, fun or down right hilarious, your ceremony should be everything you want it to be. Also make sure you see and approve a draft script of the ceremony prior to your wedding.

A few fun questions…

Best Skills: Rennovating
Biggest Challenges: Also rennovating!
Sweet or Savoury: Sweet
Secret Weapon: I would have to say my my enthuiasm.
Heroes: Barney Stinston from How I met your Mother (he will settle down and marry soon, trust me)
Pet Peeves: The few but potentially damaging unprofessionals in the wedding industry
Can’t Live Without: Good coffee, Good food, Good holidays.
Little Known Fact: I use to be a boot camp instructor!

Contact Details:



PHONE: 0433 774 789

Thank you very much Jamie for your time. If you need a wonderful celebrant, then I personally would recommend Brisbane City Celebrants. They truly create the most beautiful ceremonies. I love hearing about how other professionals got started in the business and yes, I Barney will settle down (hopefully in the next series!)

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