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Nicole | Weddings | Advice | 10th August 2012

Here at Nicole Barralet Photography, we pride ourselves in capturing the most natural, relaxed, glamourous wedding day portraiture possible. This style showcases your day as it was, helping to bring your personalities forward, capturing beautiful moments and documenting your day for a lifetime of memories.

While we shoot the majority of our images this way, it is also very important to capture traditional formal wedding portraits as well. Straight after your ceremony we will take a group photograph followed by the family photographs. We will choose the best possible location within the ceremony area to photograph these and use the list you supplied prior to the big day.

Family photographs are such an important aspect of any wedding day photography coverage. As well as being an amazing day of celebration for the bride and groom, it is just as special for the families involved. Here at Nicole Barralet Photography, we love capturing family photos and the relationships our couples have with their families.

Our Top Wedding Family Photo Tips

1. Make sure that you inform everyone who you want a photo with that they are required to hang around straight after the ceremony. It wastes time if we have to run around chasing people.

2. If you have a family member or close family friend who knows who all the people are on the list, it makes it easier for us to run through the photographs as smoothly as possible.

3. If you would like extended family photographs then it works out more quickly and efficiently if you do them as whole groups (Brides Side, Grooms Side)

4. If you would like a full group shot of all the guests who have attended your wedding, then let your celebrant know that you would like it announced at the end of the ceremony to follow the photographer for a group photograph. This will help us to take this photograph quickly and efficiently.

5. Try to keep your family photograph list to no more than 20 required photographs as the bride and groom will get tired of standing in the one spot smiling. It is also a good amount to photograph within the half an hour time frame we usually allow for photographs.

Suggested Family Photo List

1. Group Shot
2. Bride & Groom
3. Bridal Party
4. Bride & Groom, Both Sets of Parents
5. Bride & Groom, Brides Parents
6. Bride & Groom, Brides Parents, Siblings
7. Bride & Groom, Brides Parents, Siblings & Grandparents
8. Bride & Groom, Brides Grandparents
9.  Bride & Groom, All Grandparents
10. Bride & Groom, Grooms Grandparents
11. Bride & Groom, Grooms Parents, Siblings, Grandparents
12. Bride & Groom, Grooms Parents, Siblings
13. Bride & Groom, Grooms Parents
14. Extended Family Photos
15. Any godparents or special people that you must have a photograph with

We hope that these wedding day photo tips will be a helpful source of information for planning your wedding day.

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