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Nicole | Personal | Brisbane | 7th October 2011

Yesterday while I was on the phone to my sister, I pulled up a new Safari window and there it was.. Steve Jobs 1955-2011. I was like “What?” no way.. I knew he was sick and was no longer the CEO of one of my most favourite companies in the world Apple ( i {heart} macs, iPod, iPhone), but a genius, a creative mind, a pioneer… was dead.. I couldn’t believe it. Facebook went a flutter with the news and everyone reflecting about life, death and all the bits in between. I guess the one thing that I have really taken away from Steve Jobs is that he wasn’t just someone who invented amazing technology, but someone who inspired others with his vision, his creativity and unique view on life.

So while I was editing this morning and I had run out of trashy internet tv to watch, I jumped onto for some new creative inspiration (Now if you haven’t been to TED, head over there now, it is an amazing platform for people who have made speeches all around the world on a variety of topics – creativity, inspiration, finding happiness, making houses out of recycled goods.. A-MAZING!) and one of the top videos was Steve Job’s commencement speech at Stanford in 2005.. So I clicked and I listened.. I must admit I was in complete awe. His passion for life, for never giving up and finding inspiration and a way to snap out of it – remembering that you are going to die, when you are thinking you have something to loose… that was pretty profound..

So here is the Stanford speech if you are interested in listening to it.. I highly recommend it..

Steve Jobs – you will be missed, but the legacy that you leave behind for the creative community is an amazing one and whenever we have a moment of I’m not good enough or I am unhappy, I will think of this speech and get re-inspired to be the person I want to be and to live a life of passion and to LOVE what I do!! I guess I am pretty lucky – I found the most amazing career that I LOVE and am incredibly PASSIONATE about!!! And people want to actually pay me to take their photographs and be there for their special life moments… How lucky am I?

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