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Nicole | Personal | Inspire | 19th August 2011

Happy Friday Everyone!! I can’t believe another week has flown by and I am about to kick off wedding season for the second half of this year! What an exciting year of weddings it has been already, I am so looking forward to jumping right back in feet first with what I am sure will be a the beautiful wedding of Terrence and Tammika tomorrow. In today’s post I thought I would  share a little bit of insight into how I go about preparing for a wedding and where I find some new inspiration to try out on a wedding day. Now tomorrow’s wedding is a location that I have photographed a couple of weddings in before and I guess the challenge for me is to find ways to photograph a wedding in the same location in a totally different manner. So how do I go about doing this? Well there are lots of places that I love to peruse on the web to find visual inspiration… and here are a few examples…


If you are into all things creative and love looking at photographs, then this is your new facebook! It is totally addictive and is my new favourite spot to research ideas for weddings, portraits, lighting, styling, make up, locations… Different ideas for posing, thinking outside the box. As well as a great source of ideas for photographers, if you are planning a wedding then this is an amazing resource to find inspiration for your theme!! I {heart} pinterest!!!


Another amazing source of visual inspiration for me is flicking through magazines (yes! I get to read all the latest stories etc!) Any magazine has photographs galore and it is great to find inspiration from fashion shoots, lifestyle stories and advertisements. I like to read a wide variety of magazines just to see what is out there. And not to mention, I love flicking through Jose Villa’s Fine Art Weddings book before a wedding to be inspired by beautiful, creative, technical and simplistic gorgeous wedding photos to really get the creative juices flowing.

Other places I get my inspiration from is from other international photographers that I admire, wedding inspiration blogs to see what the latest trends are, watching visually stimulating movies (the best one I watched lately was Burlesque! It was amazing visual inspiration for boudoir sessions), music video clips and just surrounding myself with creative things that inspire me for one reason or another!

Are any of you in the creative fields? I know my fiancé being a chef is constantly on the look out for fresh ways of plating food, reading books from chefs that inspire him and going out to restaurants to see what is going on in the competition and lastly checking out videos of amazing restaurants on YouTube. How do you find your inspiration?? I would love to know!

Happy Friday Peoples!!!

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