Small Business Owner?

Want to learn how to take better photos for Social Media?

Want some hands on help?

How would it feel to...

Learn how to use your personal camera

Learn how to take better photos with your phone

Learn photography basics in a hands on environment

Be able to take good photos for social media

It would feel pretty amazing and save you so much time!

That's why we created our

Click - Photography Basics Workshop

An intimate photography workshop designed to teach you how to take better photos for your business using your camera and phone.

What's included in a boudoir session?

  • Exposure Overview - Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO & how they all work together 

  • Composition 101 & The Rule of Thirds

  • Quick Editing for both phones and computers including using filters

  • Social Media Crop & Resizing Cheat Sheet

  • Lighting 101

  • Understanding image consistency

  • Shoot Time & Q&A’s

  • Attendees Only Facebook Group to ask questions after the workshop


Before the workshop we will send out a pre-workshop questionnaire to find out what you know and what you want to learn. Each workshop will be then tailored to the needs of the group.


All of our workshops will take place in our gorgeous natural light studio located centrally in Annerley. 


Our workshops are not just all theory based, they will be hands on. Nicole will be there to ask and questions and supply a variety of interesting things to photograph.


No one can learn on an empty stomach! Depending on when the workshop is scheduled a light morning or afternoon tea will be served.


We cap our workshops at a maximum of 4 participants to ensure a hands on personalized learning experience.


Each participant will receive a workbook full of notes, tips and tricks for you to take home and refer to after the day. 


Bring your own camera and/or phone to learn how to take better photos using your actual gear. 


After the workshop you will have access to an attendees only Facebook group. A place to ask any questions you may have after the day.

Click Photography Basics Workshop - $149

A hands on 3hr workshop with Nicole covering exposure, composition, editing, cropping, lighting and Q&A's. Light refreshments, workbook, goodie bag and a collection of interesting things to photograph.

This workshop is for you if...

You run your own small business…

And are constantly taking photos of behind the scenes, interesting things that happen in your business, but just suck at capturing what you want.

Want hands on learning experience…

A place where you have access to a professional photographer, where you can ask all the silly questions you like and understand how to use your specific camera or phone.

Constantly Post Photos on Social Media…

And you want your photos to say WOW instead of MEH.. You want to know how to blend the your content between DIY, stock and professional photos without it looking like a hot mess.

Hi I’m Nicole, nice to meet you!

I'm so excited to meet you and share some of my photography knowledge. As a small business owner myself I know how many hats we have to juggle and how much content we need to produce to continously market our business.

I created these workshops because I understand that not every small business can afford to have a professional photographer on call and shoot weekly, so I want to share some of my knowledge in the hope that you can blend your DIY together with beautiful stock photography and your professional photo shoots to create gorgeous content for your business.

I want you to know that no question is silly and throughout these workshops you can ask as many questions as you like and we will be putting the theory to use by practicing in studio.

I can't wait to meet you!!

Nicole x



Our Click Workshops take place at our beautiful natural light studio located centrally in Annerley.

WHAT DO I BRING TO the workshop?

Yourself, a pen and the camera that you use to take photos. It can be a SLR, point and shoot or even just your phone.

how often will the WORKSHOPs TAKE PLACE?

At the moment we are looking at one Saturday afternoon a month. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for workshop updates.

how many participants will there be?

We cap our workshops at a maximum of 4 participants to make sure we can be as hands on as possible.

what happens if i have questions after the day?

We have set up a private Facebook group for all attendees to ask any burning questions they may have after the day.

Are you ready to…

Learn how to use your camera and/or phone

Learn how to take better photos for your business


No longer stress everytime you post to social media?

Have questions? Get in touch!