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Nicole | Personal | Cooking | 13th July 2010

Lately I have had the urge to cook. Lots. I have been making stews, soups, curries, ragus – lots of winter warmers and using the vac pack machine to freeze them down. If you haven’t tried vac packing, you are missing out. I love watching the machine suck all the air out of the bag. It’s quite fascinating.

As well as cooking awesome dinners (they must be alright if my chef boy still eats them!) I have really been getting into baking. I think it is all this talk of bridal showers and weddings that is giving me the urge to bake. I  think there is something rather therapeutic about cooking. It is away from computers, tv’s and phones and its just me in the kitchen making something from nothing..

So here some of the very yummy anzac biscuits that I cooked for morning tea.


Nicole xo

Live. Laugh. Love. Create.

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