Down by the River – Couple Shoot

Kara & Ben | Couple Shoot | Down by the River | 20th April 2010

Kara and I have been planning this shoot for quite a while. When the clouds started rolling in around lunch time yesterday, we were both looking at each other going, stop raining, please stop raining. But the rain came and it was pouring.. and pouring… So we waited until Ben got home (Kara had conveniently “forgotten” to tell Ben we were doing a shoot that afternoon, and that he had to put this on and jump in the car). By the time we got in the car, it was still drizzling, but a little pocket of sunlight leaked out from behind the clouds.. and stayed there until the sun had completely set.

Some of my favourite shots were the ones in the grass. The sun was shining through, lighting up all the little bugs flying around and everything looks just so green. I also absolutely love the water ones. I have been wanting to try some shots like this for a long time. I have seen many “trash the dress” sessions and thought it would be cool to do it with a couple for an engagement style shoot. It was a lot of fun… and damn Kara & Ben = HOT!!

Love you guys xxo

Live. Laugh. Love. Create.

Nicole xo

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