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Nicole | Personal | In my Head | 1st April 2010

Wow! I just looked at the date and I can’t believe that it is April already. Where have the last three months gone? It feels just like yesterday that we were celebrating Christmas, and already tomorrow is Easter. March has been an interesting month for me. Full of highs and lows. Since being made redundant from my full time job, my day to day routine has completely changed. Everyday is different, new and exciting, but can also be lonely and depressing. I have had days where I am “Am I not good enough to do this?”, “How I am going to pay this bill?” (which just reminded me I have to pay my rego!) and then their are days where I feel on top of the world. Like now. As I am writing this post I have 89 fans on my facebook page. Woohoo!!! I am so excited!! It is so nice to know that I have people out there who support me. Love me. Encourage me. People who want ME to photograph THEM at some of the most important times of their life.

One of my fan’s even told me that the wedding photos that I took of my friends before I studied Photography inspired her to take up her passion for photography and turn it into a business. I couldn’t believe it. I had made an impact through my photography to inspire someone to follow their dreams. I didn’t think I was at the level I needed to be, in order to inspire people. I put it down to the fact that as photographers, as artists, we sometimes are our own worse critic thinking that we are never good enough, that we can always do better… It was such a confidence boost to me, knowing that I had inspired someone. I know that I am not the best photographer I can be just yet.. but I am the best that I am, at this moment in time. I always remember a saying as, “A photographer is only as good as their last image.” I want to keep taking photographs. Preserving memories – people, places, objects, events in one’s life. Share. Live. Love and Create. I think this is going to be my new mantra.

Well.. I have definately been in a philosophical mood this afternoon. So here is a quote… and a pic to end this post..

“Within our dreams and aspirations we find our opportunities.” – Sue Ebaugh

Happy Easter!

Nicole xo

I love clouds. I always think of clouds, when I think of dreams and aspirations. This photo reminds me of a hand reaching down to pat a duck.. What do you see when you look at this photo? Leave a comment.. let your imagination run wild!

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