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Nicole | Personal | Down by the River | 15th July 2010

Yesterday I was awake early. You know when you forget to turn off your 5:30am alarm and once it goes off it is really hard to get back to sleep. Anyway I was up early around 6:30am when I headed out onto the back patio with my warm cup of coffee when I noticed there was some mysterious fog lurking around the river down the back. My parents have always lived on the river. As a kid, we used to love heading down the back, building cubbies and wandering around down by the river bank. We used to spend hours playing, that was until of course we saw a snake. Then we would bolt up the block and scream the house down. Even though we were safe from the snake, we all hated the idea of one being on the property.

Over the years, the river bank has changed much. Its been flooded 3 times, some of it has sunk into the river and the have changed – some fallen into the water, some having to be cut down. Our river bank frontage is one of the best as you can go right down to the waters edge. (Not that you would want to go swimming in there, with all the sticky smelly brown mud, the deep deep channel and of course those nasty river sharks.) At least it is still a really nice place just to sit and take a minute. So yesterday, I thought I’d capture some mysterious foggy photos of the river. Here is my favourite shot!

Happy Thursday!

Nicole xo

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