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Food Photography | Rydges Hotel | 21st May 2010

A couple of years ago, while I was studying photography, I had connections (boyfriend = chef) and was able to spend at night at Rydges Southbank photographing a VIP dining experience. Fast forward two years, Rydges needs some more images to freshen up their marketing materials.. So bring on my first food shoot for the year.

As I have a personal connection with the team at Rydges and many of the chefs still being friends with Andrew, I was pumped for an exciting creative shoot with old friends. I love the vibe in the kitchen at Rydges, they work hard, have fun and produce some amazing delicious food!

So after a bit of a chat, our shoot got underway and we started out photographing some amazing looking food. I was quite captivated watching the process of dressing a plate. There is something I identify with, watching the creative thought process, building up the “image” on the plate. It’s not just about a flat plate, its about colour, taste, texture, volume.. how it all works together. I love the creative process behind each plate.

After we had finished photographing the food, it was time to take some “serious” shots of Dom, the Executive Chef as well as some candid, hard working shots of the chefs working in the kitchen.

I had an awesome shoot guys, and left feeling pumped and creatively inspired. Enjoy the pics!!

Live. Laugh. Love. Create.

Nicole xo

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